Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Dr Laura defends the Pope on condoms

from her blog
"Yes, in any one instance, a condom could protect, but in the overall scheme of humanity, why do so many people wish to push away the enormous protective power of moral values?

When the Pope suggests that human beings are best off saving their sexual passion for the stability of a covenant of marriage, he is making a statement that the act of sexuality is elevated by the context, and ultimately protects both man and woman from a myriad of hurtful consequences from venereal diseases to unwanted pregnancies (complete with abortions, abandonment, single-parenthood, and homelessness to name a few)."

The woman has a gift and a passion for defending tradtional morality. Her mother was Catholic, a war bride from Italy. She has an understanding of the sacred nature of human sexuality which borders on the Theology of the Body.
Hmm. . .maybe we have a potential convert here.
It happened to Newt.
Read the entire story here.

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