Monday, April 13, 2009

The way out of the wicked cycle we find ourselves in

"60% of women who seek abortions tell us that they do so because their birth control has failed. Planned Parenthood knows this. Their push for more federal funding for contraception is insidious at its core, for its very intention is to bring their unsuspecting contraceptive clients back in later in order to increase their abortion busines."
Jen Giroux goes on to contrast this wicked cycle: extra-marital sex, conception, abortion/illigetimate births, more extra-marital sex. . .with the divine plan of God: one man marries one woman for life. Happy children, healthy, happy adults, living in God's grace.
Not much profit in that for Planned Parenthood, which is hard at work obtaining yet more of our tax dollars for their insidious agenda. The Culture of Death.
Someday, I want to write a book called "The Wages of Sin" which details the cost of sinful behavior in America. Not only are 40% of births in America to single mothers, but these children do more poorly in school, requiring more help from the government, are more likely to repeat the same poor behavior which made them miserable. I once learned that 80% of hospital admissions are substance abuse related. And car accidents. And jail terms.
The wages of sin are suffering and eternal death. But there are a lot of indidental costs in between.
Read the entire column at Renew America.

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