Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Michael Novak on Notre Dame and slavery

This is the best essay on the Notre Dame dilemma I've read, and will go down as a classic essay on the abortion issue. Well done, Mr Novak.
"I doubt very much whether the University of Notre Dame would ever give an honorary degree to a slave owner or a propagandist for slavery. Until recently, I used to doubt that Notre Dame would ever give an honorary degree and its highest platform — its commencement address — to someone who was one of the nation’s strongest proponents of abortion. In the eleven weeks since he became president, Barack Obama has opened up every avenue to abortion presented to him. He has begun razing every obstacle put up against the spread of this evil institution in the past — beginning with the Mexico City ban, and accelerating with extreme pro-death-in-the-womb nominees to key offices, promises to kill the Hyde Amendment, and other actions."

Read the entire story on National Review Online.

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