Wednesday, April 15, 2009

RB 899 - Religious Liberty Threatened - Again!!!

Soon, possibly as early as the beginning of next week (April 20th), the Connecticut legislature could take up Raised Bill 899, dealing with same-sex marriage. It supposedly will simply implement the Connecticut Supreme Court’s Kerrigan decision legalizing same sex marriage, but Raised Bill 899 actually goes much farther.
The bill comes from the same Judiciary Committee co-chairmen who tried just a few short weeks ago to push through Bill 1098 (taking away all administrative authority from Catholic bishops and priests) and Bill 1138 (allowing assisted suicide).
Raised Bill 899 goes beyond what even the State Supreme Court requires. This bill goes too far. It repeals provisions of current law that: · protect our chil dren from government indoctrination in sexual lifestyles, · prevent judges from imposing sexual lifestyle quotas in employment and housing, · safeguard the integrity of teachers in both public and private schools.
Raised Bill 899 sets the stage for legal attacks against any person, association, business or church that does not accept and celebrate alternative sexual lifestyles. The private lawsuits that this bill authorizes would have serious financial consequences for individuals, companies and other groups targeted by litigants. Raised Bill 899 provides no religious liberty protection for religiously affiliated groups, such as the Knights of Columbus.
The Judiciary Committee refused even to consider an amendment that would provide real protection for religious groups. Please contact your state senator and representative immediately, and tell them to oppose passage of Raised Bill 899. If you’re not sure who your state legislators are, go to the legislature's website ( and use their "Find Your Legislator" feature. You can place phone calls through the Capitol Switchboard at (860) 622-2200 or call your legislators toll-free at:
Senate: Democrats: 1-800-842-1420 Republicans: 1-800-842-1421 House: Democrats: 1-800-842-1902 Republicans: 1-800-842-1423
Also, an easy-to-use website ( has been set up that allows you to send your message on line.
Send your emails today!Please pass this email on to everyone you know in Connecticut who is concerned about religious liberty and rights to freedom of conscience! Legislators in Hartford heard us loud and clear when we objected to Bill 1098. They must hear us now on Raised Bill 899!

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