Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cardinal George says Obama is "on the wrong side of history"

In an article in the Boston Archdiocesan newspaper, "The Pilot" Cardinal George, President of the USCCB describes an intense conversation he had last month with President Obama.
Cardinal George compared abortion with slavery,
"These are members of the human family, genetically individuated, (with) a human father and a human mother," he said. "What their legal status is, of course, you can debate, and we have. ... John Paul II says you cannot simply live comfortably with an immoral legal system, any more than you could live comfortably with slavery, and therefore you have to work to change the law."
It's a society-dividing issue, and on this issue, we're with Abraham Lincoln and he's with Stephen Douglas, and he doesn't like to hear that, but that's where he is."The cardinal was referring to the seven debates held in 1858 between Lincoln and his opponent for an Illinois seat in the U.S. Senate. Slavery was the main issue discussed in all of the debates."
I'll bet Obama who sometimes compares himself with Abraham Lincoln, did not appreciate being put on the Stephen Douglas side of the slavery debate! Read the entire article for the ominous prediction Cardinal George makes about what it may take to end the abortion debate.
It sure wasn't dialogue at Notre Dame!

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