Friday, April 24, 2009


This post is from my parish pro-life coordinator who also directs 40 Days for Life. By the time I had a chance to post this, Governor Rell signed 899 into law, meaning my child in public school has a clock ticking. The minute the homosexual agenda is made part of the curriculum, she is leaving! This is especially sad in the wake of a PPT meeting I attended today in which I was told that she is doing exceptionally well in Kindergarten. But I won't have her innocence betrayed!

Wednesday night, at 10:55 PM, the Ct House of Representatives voted to pass Senate Bill 899...100 to 44
earlier the same night, the Ct Senate passed the bill 28 to 7...
perhaps you were watching TV maybe even CT-N TV....but most likely you weren't even aware that the Ct Democrats in the House decided to ram through bill SB 899, by suspending the House rules and bringing it for an immediate vote before you would even find out that it passed the Ct State Senate earlier in that same evening!!!
In other words, they didn't want to leave you a chance to respond and to have more of your voices heard...!!! Thankfully, your voices (and many working at the Capital) were the only reason that the Senate even considered any Amendments to Senate Bill 899, that made bad legislation, slightly better, protecting the rights of religious institutions.
Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Peter Zarella ended his dissenting opinion in the Kerrigan case with th e following common sense statements, "the majority has [abused] this court’s power to interpret the constitution in order to mandate a vast and unprecedented social experiment. . . To end an institution that the plaintiffs contend is time honored and special by judicial fiat is a usurpation of the legislative prerogative and a violation of the fundamental right of the people, on which the very existence of our constitution is premised, ‘‘to define, secure and perpetuate the liberties, rights and privileges which they have derived from their ancestors . . . .’’ Conn. Const., preamble."
Last night, during the debate on the House floor, one representative complained that he didn't even know they would be voting today (tonight) on this bill, and he wanted more time to introduce a measure that would provide for parents to be notified that their children could be taught that same-sex marriage is now the law in Connecticut, therefore, normal, and that parents should have the opportunity to know when that would be happening, and also to be able to prevent that indoctrination of their child, sadly this idea was squashed by the Democrats.

Another proposed amendment would have protected businesses, such as Florists or Justices of the Peace, to conscientiously object to dealing with same sex couples, now they will be open to lawsuits! One of the Amendments that made it through the Senate and then the House, was to allow Adoption agencies thatare affiliated with a religious organization, to be protected by their existing beliefs of working with "traditional" couples,but only if they don't accept any gov't funding for their adoption services....if they accept any gov't funding for ADOPTION, then they MUST ADOPT TO SAME-SEX COUPLES, no matter what their deeply held religious values are....WHERE IS THAT SAME PROTECTION FOR GOV'T FUNDING FOR ABORTIONS!!! (So our tax dollars can only go to fund for ADOPTIONS if they include gay and lesbian couples, but our tax dollars are already funding ABORTIONS whether the parents of the "FETUS" are "gay," "lesbian" or "straight"....!!!
The gay rights activists beliefs are protected, but the ProLIFE people are a danger to society...!!! We need a referendum on this entire issue in Connecticut. The Supreme Court should not be deciding major social policy in Connecticut by a 4-3 vote.... Critical social issues like gay marriage should be left up to the people or the people's elected representatives. We should continue to fight for the right of initiatives and referendum in Connecticut so the voices of the people can be properly heard.

I had a Democrat representing Windham, tell me that my values were "religious" and don't belong in the debate, and furthermore told me that my religious views are not in the Bible... how's that for contradictory? (since I get my "religious" views from the Bible) The Democrats think they can push the agenda while we sleep!
Well, we need to WAKE UP!!!
Brian Daly

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your strenuous and principled support of the values and rights of religious people, who are being tyrannized by the power and agenda driven statists presently dominating our society.