Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Of all the idiotic stunts!

I don't care who really ordered it, the jet fly-over of New York City on Monday which sent thousands into a panic, fearing a repeat of 9-11 proves that the Obama White House suffers a terminal case of hubris. Trauamtize the entire city of New York without even warning the mayor or the governor, spend untold thousands of dollars, for what? A photo-op?!
It's all about image, isn't it?
I can only imagine how the Notre Dame event is going to be exploited, if this is a taste of the priorities of the Obama administration. An anonymous source saying the president is furious doesn't ring true. This sounds like just his style.
A disgusting abuse of power, but then, what did you expect from the man who dissed Joe the Plumber?
Read the entire story here.
HT CNS news.

Here's a photo of the Twin Towers taken by a woman returning from a cruise. She never guessed what this photo would come to mean to Americans. Too bad Obama doesn't get it.

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