Thursday, April 23, 2009

National Abortion Federation creates abortion emergency

I've seen this link from Reuters on Twitter and Facebook "Recession Linked to more Abortions, Vasectomies" and I was immediately suspicious. Check the sources, I said to myself, and, sure enough the National Abortion Federation is in full panic mode that Americans need abortions most just when funding is drying up. Funding for abortions just hit the jackpot when Obama was elected, don't be fooled by the smokescreen.
Here's a tell tale quote from the article with the baloney in red.

"The recession may (we fervently hope) be a factor influencing more Americans to opt out of parenthood with abortions and vasectomies, although there is no data available yet to suggest a trend. (of course not, because the entire thing is fabricated!)
Even so, there is some anecdotal evidence (from Planned Parenthood donors) that would-be parents are factoring the rough economic times into the most personal of reproductive choices,
some experts said." (Which experts, the ones who work for Planned Parenthood?)

The abortion buddies of Nancy Pelosi (remember she wanted birth control funding in the stimulus package, but was forced to withdraw it?) are just creating a crisis to throw an old friend some support.

You can go home now, folks, nothing to see here. Just the Obama progaganda machine getting warmed up, and creating a crisis only the chosen one can solve with, you guessed it, more abortion funding!!

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GrannyGrump said...

And if the women themselves die at seedy NAF clinics, well, then the life insurance will certainly fix the family's finances!