Thursday, April 02, 2009

Scranton Times-Tribune Article on Bishop Martino Fan Clubs on Facebook

Bishop Martino has gotten attention from the local media because of his Facebook pages, one of which was started by yours truly: Fans of Bishop Martino of Scranton PA. We have 69 members, and the other group, I support Bishop Martino, has 333 members.
I was contacted by the author of the article, but I am hard to pin down sometimes, so she went with the other pro-bishop group leader. It's a fair article, and shows the importance of using Facebook to organize pro-life Catholics.

"Rick Stevens, a new media assistant professor at the University of Colorado’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications, said social media outlets such as Facebook, which is free and available to anyone with an Internet connection, is becoming a common modes of grass roots organizing. He said the networking allows users to tailor their interests to be heard whose opinions are not likely to be polled systematically.“This is just a good utilization of a platform talking about what people feel, what they know, in a space they can share with other people,” Mr. Stevens said. “It’s a public expression of previously hidden opinion.”

Read the entire story at the Scranton Times.

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