Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Randall Terry is at Notre Dame

.. . and he's making a BIG deal about Obama coming. He's right, it IS a flashpoint, an outrage that he will use as a teachable moment about how Catholics need to respond when the innocent are killed.
"Using a military analogy to describe his mission to end abortion, he explained that the movement needed a place where troops could regroup, where he could bring new troops into battle and "defend and launch offensives into the enemy camp.""And when we came back, and I followed the news of President Obama's invitation, a light went off in my head, that, that's the line," Terry said. It was the "golden opportunity," as he called it, for the pro-life movement.So Terry packed his bags and moved himself and his family - his wife and four children - to South Bend just a week after the announcement was made. And he's staying, he said, until the Commencement ceremonies on May 17."
Obama is in for a real protest when he arrives in South Bend. . ..
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Anonymous said...

Randall Terry stole a Notre Dame directory and made an unauthorized mass mailing to all ND alums. I received mine on Friday.
He's not a "flashpoint". He's a thief, a convicted criminal and a complete psychopath.