Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Good news from David Bereit

The reports keep flooding in from the 135 cities that
have just concluded the spring 40 Days for Life -- and
there are still more we'll be getting over the next
few days -- but I just had to let you know that the
confirmed number of lives saved from abortion during
this campaign has now reached...


There are many other things to report to you as well,
just as soon as we finish compiling these reports. But
here are just a few of the comments from some of the
participating cities (along with some amazing photos):

GREENVILLE, SC: "We are truly humbled at the response
and dedication. What we saw during the 40 Days for
Life was God's hand at work."

See photo at: http://40daysforlife.com/blog/?p=232

AUGUSTA, ME: "People have come from all over Maine.
Prayer volunteers have come from a distance of 180

See photo at: http://40daysforlife.com/blog/?p=232

OCALA, FL: "More than 350 individuals prayed at the
vigil. One couple, between them, totaled 70 hours."

See photo at: http://40daysforlife.com/blog/?p=232

RIVERSIDE, CA: "Clinic security guards said we have
opened their eyes about some things and one is
quitting. She doesn't want to work there any longer."

See photo at: http://40daysforlife.com/blog/?p=232

CHARLOTTE, NC: "During this 40 Days for Life campaign,
there were 41 babies saved from abortion."

See photo at: http://40daysforlife.com/blog/?p=232

LITTLE ROCK, AR: "We plan to offer training and build
a sidewalk counseling team. We also plan to maintain
our public presence at Planned Parenthood."

See photo at: http://40daysforlife.com/blog/?p=232

TOCCOA, GA: "People learned the truth by reading
information, by listening to post-abortive women and
by standing in the gap in silent prayer for the

See photo at: http://40daysforlife.com/blog/?p=232

EVERETT, WA: "There is no question of continuing our
involvement in fall 2009 40 Days for Life campaign. We
are motivated!"

See photo at: http://40daysforlife.com/blog/?p=232

ALBUQUERQUE, NM: "We are encouraging our supporters to
continue to work in pro-life ministry throughout the
year. There's plenty of work for everyone."

STERLING HEIGHTS, MI: "This is our second campaign and
we have doubled in size. We have determined,
faith-filled men, women, teens and children who will
not give up."

See photo at: http://40daysforlife.com/blog/?p=232

PROVIDENCE, RI: "One mother stopped, on her way out of
the abortion clinic, to tell us that she had decided
against her scheduled abortion."

ABILENE, TX: "Since the 40 Days of Life campaign
started we have had many more abortion-minded girls
coming to our pregnancy center."

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: "We had a woman and what appeared
to be her boyfriend walk up to the Planned Parenthood,
look at us, and then walk away."

See photo at: http://40daysforlife.com/blog/?p=232

SAN MATEO, CA: "One clinic worker said to a vigil
volunteer: 'Why don't you pray at your homes? You're
making our work here difficult!'"

And that's a perfect note to end on.

It's clear that being present in prayer at abortion
facilities makes a world of difference -- for the
mothers, for the babies, for the abortion workers.

Please look within your heart and pray about this as
we approach Easter Sunday -- how will you continue to
answer Christ's call to stand up for the least of His
brothers and sisters?

Thanks again for all you do to be their voices!

In Christ Who Is Life,

David Bereit
National Director
40 Days for Life

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A Voice in the Crowd said...

Hopefully Hearts Changing as well:

From World Net Daily:

"The White House mail office has confirmed it received a "deluge" of as many as 2.25 million red envelopes symbolizing the empty promise of lives snuffed out in abortion in a massive campaign that was larger than most White House mailing movements in the last 35 years.

White House mail worker "Steve" has handled letters for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for more than three decades. Every single package and letter destined for the White House goes through his office.

Asked if he has seen a flood of red envelopes bound for the White House, Steve chuckled.

"Uh, yes," he said emphatically. "Believe me, they made it here."

Steve said while Obama has been occupied in Europe, his administration has noticed millions of red envelopes on behalf of aborted children.

"Quite frankly, there was definitely a deluge of mail coming through," he laughed. "I had to handle them all."

"I've been here 35 years, so I've seen presidents come and go," Steve told WND. "This campaign ranks up there with the big ones."