Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Marriage under fire; Iowa and Vermont fall to SSM activists

from the Family Research Council
Yesterday we reported on the activist judges who forced same-sex marriage (SSM) on the state of Iowa. That victory proved to be just the beginning.
Intent on capturing all six New England states by the year 2012, SSM proponents have been very public about their "6 by 12" agenda. Thanks to today's actions in Vermont, they are one step closer to achieving it. Vermont's Senate was expected to overwhelmingly override Governor Jim Douglas' Friday veto of SSM. They did so this morning. That vote was closely followed by the House's single-vote margin to override as well, making Vermont the first state to allow SSM legislatively (Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger successfully vetoed homosexual marriage in California in 2005 and 2007). Steve Cable of Vermont Renewal commented, "This is a sad day in Vermont's history. The Democratic leadership in both the House and the Senate turned a deaf ear to concerns of the people on this issue and instead fast-tracked it through the legislature in just over two short weeks." The legislature's haste is understandable, since SSM has been rejected in each of the 29 states where it has gone before the people. Pro-family losses continued today with the District of Columbia City Council's vote to recognize homosexual "marriages" contracted in other jurisdictions. A new phase of the fight for marriage has begun and pro-family Americans can and will respond. Additional Resources
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