Monday, April 27, 2009

Sebelius and the T4 Program

Hitler's quiet T4 Program targeted disabled people like my precious daughter Christina for elimination by euthanasia. The disabled were the first to visit the deadly showers/gas chambers. Only their clothing returned on the buses which shipped them to Hartheim Castle. Only the clothing had any value to the Nazis. Pope Benedict lost a cousin with Down syndrome to this program.
Thankfully Christina was born 60 years too late to be euthanized for her disability. Or was she?
According to Jon Kyl of Arizona, Sebelius is starting to sound like one of the T4 program officers. Deny medical care to 'useless eaters'.
Like Christina.

"'Allocation of health resources' is a euphemism for denying care based on cost. Yet, Governor Sebelius did not agree to pull this project.
"I believe in the right of every American to choose the doctor, hospital, and health plan of his or her choice. No Washington bureaucrat should interfere with that right or substitute the government's judgment for that of a physician."
"I will oppose Governor Sebelius' nomination because of her insufficient commitment to these principles."

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