Monday, April 27, 2009

CT Gov Rell signs gay marriage bill

Now the Supreme Court's ruling to approve gay marriage will be forced upon the rest of Connecticut, especially the public schools. I am counting the days till I have to take Christina out of her local public school inclusion program. Just visit the website Mass Resistance to see the extremes Gay Lesbian Straight Educational Network (GSLEN)will go to to re-educate your children against the traditional veiws of marriage and family. Be on the lookout for titles like "King and King" and "Who's in a Family?" as the thin edge of the wedge of the gay agenda in your child's school. I just wrote a piece for Canticle magazine's Sept/Oct issue on this subject, and I fully expect it to be outdated by the time it goes to print. Maine, New York, Rhode Island may well have approved gay marriage by then. Then it goes directly to your public school, starting in Kindergarten, according to David Parker who fought a good fight in Lexington, MA. Gay marriage was approved there in 2003, and by 2005 he had a fight on his hands, leading to his arrest and banishment from his 5 year old son's school. Then his son was beaten on the playground, while school officials did nothing.
GSLEN cares about violence against gay students, as stated on it's website, but no one stood up for the little boy whose parents dared object to homosexual indoctrination.
"Rell this afternoon signed Senate Bill 899, which incorporates the findings of the Kerrigan case into Connecticut statutes. That ruling, handed down by the state Supreme Court in October, paved the way for same-sex marriage."

Even though the article mentions an amendment to protect religious instituions, Raymond Arroyo on "The World Over" Friday sounded skeptical as to whether the government might be able to impose homosexual lifestyle indoctrination on Catholic schools.

Why didn't we fight harder?! What happened to Republican Governer Rell?

Heres' one good shepherd, Bishop Thomas J. Tobin of Rhode Island who's not going down without a fight. Read his inspiring piece in the Rhode Island Catholic. "The march toward gay marriage across our nation is relentless, and liberal New England is leading the way. The supporters of gay marriage in Rhode Island are well-organized and well-funded. They’re fiercely determined to impose their politically correct agenda on all the citizens of the state – human history, culture and moral principles not-withstanding. Anyone who opposes them is quickly labeled a bigot.
And what’s the typical response of Catholics in Rhode Island? “As long as it doesn’t affect me, I really don’t care what other people do,” you say. “We shouldn’t judge other people,” you demur. “The Church is losing its influence. I don’t think there’s anything we can do,” you rationalize.

Well, my friends, gay marriage will affect you and you should be concerned. And there’s a lot we can do. . ."

Thank you, Bishope Tobin for your leadership in Rhode Island. Thank you Family Institute of Connecticut and Holy Apostles Seminarians for protesting this disatrous legislation. My heart is broken, but I'm not defeated, like Winston Churchill, I've only begun to fight. My children's future is worth it. I will not have the Catholic faith marginalized while I draw breath.

Read the entire story in the Hartford Courant.

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