Monday, April 13, 2009

Upsurge in pro-life activism

"The news web site Politico focuses on this renewed vigor within the pro-life community because of a pro-abortion president.
The web site noted that the pro-life group Americans United for Life experienced such a high volume of signatures on its petition against the radical Freedom of Choice Act that its computers crashed."

This story about the upsurge in pro-life activism is bittersweet. One side of me is saying, "WHY didn't they believe the many many warnings the pro-life movement tried to give them. The other side of me says, "better late than never". Better Sen Casey have his office flooded with pro-life mail so he has a chance to repent of his sin before he meets his Maker. Better Obama realize that we're not going anywhere, and that he won't be able to impose abortion on this nation without the fight of life. That he won't be able to receive accolades in peace at the so-called Catholic University of Notre Dame.
Would that we hadn't brought this mess on our nation. But since we have, we have no choice but to join the battle.
Do yourself a favor, watch "Amazing Grace" to get yourself fired up to fight abortion, the way William Wilberforce fought slavery.

Read the entire story on Life News.

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