Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Turning up the heat on Sebelius

According to Deal Hudson, it gets pretty uncomfortable for an HHS nominee Sebelius when one of her biggest supporters is on trial for a felony. Dr George Tiller the baby Killer is on trial for performing illegal late term abortions. He funded Sebelius's campaign and she helped him evade the law, or when that didn't work, she vetoed laws which would cut into his business. She feted him in the Governor's mansion, and suddenly she want to distance herself from him and convince the public she is responsible for a 10% drop in abortion rates in Kansas.
She, like Obama never saw an abortion she didn't like. She, like Obama has affiliations with notorious killers. Sounds like an Obama nominee. If David Ogden, the child pornography lawyer, or the tax cheat Geithner who was confirmed as Treasury Secretary didn't have a problem, why should a baby killer's best friend not receive the nod from the Senate?
Just be who you are Gov Sebelius, our interest is in the bottom line, not our eternal souls these days.

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