Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The real threat bill 899

“Threats to religious liberty remain in Bill 899 that codifies the Kerrigan court ruling, but goes beyond same-sex ‘marriage’ and could lead to the teaching of homosexuality in schools.”
Here’s the Family Institute of Connecticut’s page for “
Stop CT’s Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Bill!
The reeducation of Connecticut children has already begun at the Connecticut government’s own website. Let religious believers and parents in Connecticut know that the state government is using their tax money to interpret the Bible in a “gay” way and undermine parental rights at these sites ...
The Safe Harbor site.

The “Gay Bible site.
The “What to tell and not tell your parents” site.

Read the entire post on the National Catholic Register blog.

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Conservative Thinker said...

Traditionalist need to fight back. We have to, otherwise we'll have to move' but then again...where would we go where we would be eventually followed.