Thursday, March 12, 2009

Franciscan Friars provide comfort to 40 Days for Life

"40 Days for Life is a long road. Here on Day 16, itmay seem that an end is not in sight. There are manymiles (literally, for those of us on the road visitingdozens of 40 Days for Life locations :-) to go beforewe rest.But as more people like you are discovering, this isnot a road that we walk alone. God is always with us!
"There are times when we doubt our effectiveness,"said John in Methuen, Massachusetts. But one cold,windy day recently brought encouragement just when itwas needed the most."

As we started to gather, a single file procession of Franciscans came walking towards us. I was truly inspired when I spotted them coming."The Franciscans' grey robes told John that this was aspecial moment. "God seemed to be whispering to us,'I'll take care of things. All I ask of you is toremain faithful.'
And He did."A group of 23 faithful pro-lifers celebrated the daywith the prayer. "Methuen was alive," John said."Hundreds of cars going by witnessed this prayerful gathering, some tooting their horns showing solidarity. Needless to say, there were many grateful hearts there that day. It is a joy to participate in 40 Days for Life."

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