Thursday, March 05, 2009

George Weigel on Sebelius

Then there is the challenge posed by those pro-Sebelius Catholics. Their strategic goal seems clear: to nail down the "pro-life/pro-Obama" position pioneered by Douglas Kmiec and others, and indeed to extend it by arguing that the "universal health care" to which the Obama administration proposes to lead us is the real and overarching pro-life position, irrespective of the administration's reversal of the Mexico City policy, its likely assault on the conscience rights of Catholic health care professionals, and what one can reasonably assume will be its refusal to revisit the RU-486 controversy or to examine the abortion/breast-cancer link.
Saints preserve us from Doug Kmiec and his disdirected friends from hoodwinking Catholics into thinking that Sebelius and Obama are pro-life.
Are we really that gullible? That was a rhetorical question, and I do NOT want an answer. I KNOW 56% of Catholics voted for Obama. They got what they wanted. Problem is we did too.
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