Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lila Rose would have protected Danielle

On her interactive map of Planned Parenthood Businesses which fail to report child rape, Lila Rose notes this nightmarish case in West Hartford. Danielle, a frightened runaway, is detained in this couple's home in West Hartford for a year. She is raped by the man, who was a friend of her stepfather, and when she conceived she is brought to Planned Parenthood for an abortion. Planned Parenthood is legally obliged to report the statutory rape, and fails to do so. Danielle's captivity would have come to an end if they had. Instead, she endures more rape and continues to be imprisoned by Gualt and his girlfriend until law enforcement tracks her down using the DNA from the unborn baby as evidence. This shocked the rapist's defence attorney.
According to Eyewitness News 3:

"In the warrant, police allege that the 15-year-old girl had an abortion and that Gault may have been the father.
The warrant says Danielle had the abortion at Planned Parenthood in West Hartford but would not identify the father.(or was she willing to name her accuser and was she counseled to keep it quiet in order to obtain the abortion, as has been done in numerous other Live Action undercover videos?) Police obtained a search warrant to test the fetus. It had been sent to a diagnostic lab in Massachusetts, which is standard procedure.
Raff reported that the warrant claims that DNA tests implicate Gualt."

THIS abuse of young women is what Lila Rose is trying to stop with her undercover videos.
THIS is her 'agenda'. She would have saved Danielle from her rapist.
What is Planned Parenthood's agenda, to keep the relationship going?


Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

This is really frightening criminal activity.

Judy M. said...

Thank you for posting this! This young girl was found and the story came out about her abortion just months after I and others testified at the State capitol in Hartford during a hearing on parental consent laws in CT. Planned Parenthood came out in full force with their slick lawyers and even slicker pediatricians arguing against parental consent. When this story broke, everyone was silent about PP's role in this child's nightmare. We must never forget what PP does to children - both the unborn and those who show up in their clinics looking for help.
To my knowledge, this PP clinic has never explained their actions.

Judy M.