Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fr Reese's five reasons why Obama should speak at Notre Dame

This type of twisted logic is nothing but evidence of a good education used to wrong ends. Being able to form an argument means nothing if you depart from revealed truth.
The president has been a material cooperator in the slaughter of millions of innocents by his 100% pro-death voting record and his opposition of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. . Whether or not he spoke against the bishops or had an abortion himself is immaterial.
"I would argue that having Obama as a commencement speaker and giving him an honorary degree does not violate Catholics in Political Life because:
In his personal life, Obama has never acted in defiance of the fundamental moral principle that abortion is wrong.
Publicly, Obama has never spoken out against the fundamental moral principle that abortion is wrong. (you better start watching Fox News, obviously you're watching CNN)
He supports legal restrictions on third trimester abortions with a health-of-the-mother exemption. (loophole wide enough to drive a truck through)
Although he does not believe that other abortions can be made illegal, he supports programs to reduce the number of abortions. (Name one!)
Notre Dame is not honoring Obama because of his views on abortion but because he is President of the United States, as has been made clear by the Rev. John Jenkins, Notre Dame's president."

Read the entire article on the Washington Post Blog.

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