Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama to be commencement speaker at Notre Dame

We are working on a list of potential colleges for Gabriela to consider visiting this summer. Last night, we visited Providence College, which has a lovely campus on a hill overlooking the small college-centered city. It seems to have a strong Catholic presence, and if it had a nursing program, it would be on her list.
However, Notre Dame will never be. The most pro-death president of all time will be giving this year's commencement address.
My daughter would never attend Notre Dame after this disgraceful decision!
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Anonymous said...

Oh, just as well--the child will likely be confused in a true academic environment.

Anonymous said...

How is Obama the "most pro death president"????
He has been president for all of 75days, and has declared no wars, nor was he a pro death penalty governor like our most recent president......
Maybe it is a GOOD thing that your child will NOT be joining my intelligent Catholic child at Notre Dame next year....

Leticia said...

I wonder if you knew that 50 million Americans have lost their lives due to abortion.Compare that with any war statistic you choose.

Obama never saw an abortion he couldn't vote for. He even voted four times for infanticide; letting infants accidentally born during abortions, suffocate alone in soiled utility rooms.
Death, death, death.
Obama is the king of death.