Monday, March 30, 2009

Photos from Youth 4 Life last Saturday

We had a small but deeply involved audience in person, but over 500 people watched us via the live feed
on AirMaria. The most inspiring aspect of the conference besides the obvious youthful enthusiasm was the powerful talks give by the young priests and seminarians. The faithful religious men and women of the religious life came out in force as well as the beautiful, flourishing young families. It was an evening of solidarity and encouragement, on a delightful spring afternoon.

In these photos you see: the Top Life Club leading the singing of the final hymn "Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?", me giving my second-ever Power-point presentation (the first was earlier the sam
e day), Friar Didacus covering a talk for our life webcast, Michael Smith taking his son Tommy whom he had described in his talk, off the stage, where he was singing with the sisters, and a holy mother of 11 seeks more pro-life information.

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