Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The story of Fr Michael Fay

Bettnett has a great post about Fr Fay the priest who spent 1.5 million dollars supporting a lavish homosexual lifestyle in New York City while pastor in Darien, and whose embezzlement was uncovered in 2006, by Fr Madden who was punished for playing the whistleblower. This is allegedly the origin of the move by parishoners to demand laymen run church funds. Clericalism is a serious problem in the Church, which must be dealt with, however, getting the anti-Catholic government involved is hardly the answer. We hope.
Tragically, the priestly sex abuse scandals were never handled in the Church until the frustrated laymen went to the media. In most cases dioceses are still in denial that there is a serious homosexual problem in the Church, which according to the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, was responsible for 80% of the child abuse. I attended sessions of diocesan VIRTUS training which denied this independent study. No reform can take place until the truth is acknowleged and justice is served.

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