Monday, March 16, 2009

Pro-life health professionals organized

from Barbara Kralis
'Coalition of Pro-Life Health Professionals' launch a website to counter Recission of HHS Conscience Regulation.
A coalition of pro-life medical organizations just launched this website, , which serves the essential function of letting patients, pharmacists and other professionals to submit their comments demanding that the federal regulations protecting conscience not be revoked....
The Conscience Regulation, which was finalized on December 18, 2009, serves to raise awareness of laws which are already in place to protect the conscience of health care providers but it also adds strength to the laws in place. It brings the weight of enforcement, by giving recourse to those whose conscience was violated where there did not used to be any. Even though the effects of the conscience regulation have not even begun to take their potential effect, the Obama administration is moving with aggressive swiftness to rescind it.

On March 10th, the Federal Register went live with its posting of the rescission of the conscience regulation - including in it a place for people to register their comments.

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