Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How Tiller the Killer got away with murder AGAIN

Jenn Giroux director of Women Influencing the Nation, has done a column on how the doctor of death escaped justice, once again. Friends in high places. Like the governorship.
"Abortionist George Tiller, Governor Kathleen Sebelius, and the Abortion industry secured the "NOT GUILTY" outcome of this prosecution on Election Night 2006 when they defeated Phill Kline's bid for re-election to the Kansas Attorney General seat. This put an end to enforcement efforts and any hopes of a legitimate prosecution effort. Tiller's money was well invested and once again the abortion industry's money has taken care of their own. But they are not done yet. The final score they have to settle is with the guy who began all of Tiller's trouble. Governor Sebelius's majority appointed Kansas Supreme Court have already set the wheels in motion to go after Former Attorney General Phill Kline, now a law professor at Liberty Law School in Virginia, and take his law license to make an example of him for daring to expose Tiller and his crimes against women and the unborn."
Read the entire article at Renew Amercica.

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