Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Christendom College to honor Fr Frank Pavone with graduation speech

I find myself saying this every year; when choosing a college for your son or daughter, look at whom they honor, it tells you what they value. Since Christendom College is an hour drive from Washington DC, you would think they'd choose a Washington big shot for graduation speaker.
Instead they choose a pro-life hero, Fr Frank Pavone, whose bold eloquence in defense of the unborn leaves no doubt that he is the perfect graduation speaker.
My 15 year old daughter has been asking about a summer program in Christendom, and I'm encouraging her to look into this truly Catholic college.
Watch and learn, Notre Dame!
“Over the years, we have had some great Catholic men and women as commencement speakers, particularly, some great pro-life ones," Director of Admissions and Public Relations Tom McFadden said in a statement to LifeNews.com.
Nellie Gray of the March for Life, Joseph Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League, Gov. Robert Casey, and Congressman Chris Smith from New Jersey are some of the past award recipients.

McFadden talked about
the controversy at Notre Dame and he said pro-life Catholics never have to worry about Christendom getting into hot water with students or alumni by honoring or inviting abortion advocates to deliver the commencement address."
Read the entire story at Life News.

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