Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sen Brownback supports Sebelius

It hurts to have pro-life heroes in Congress. Ony a month after my group KIDS gave the Senator a pro-life award for his work on the "Prenatally Diagnosed Conditions Awareness Act" he does this; striking a mortal blow to pro-life opposition to Gov Sebelius's nomination.
What are you thinking, Sen Brownback? Do you want her out of your way so you can become governor or Kansas? Isn't there any way to do this without selling out your pro-life ideals and your newfound Catholic faith?
from Operation Rescue
Media Reporting Pro-life Brownback Will Not Oppose Sebelius Confirmation to HHS
Host Chris Matthews calls pro-life opposition to Sebelius "verbal terrorism."
Washington, DC - MSNBC's Chris Matthews discussed the nomination of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius' to the post of Secretary of health and Human Services yesterday, asking Jonathan Martin of Politico, if he believed that she would survive the "verbal terrorism" of her pro-life opposition.
Martin responded, "I think she will, for one important reason. Sam Brownback, her home state senator, an ardent Catholic pro-lifer, Chris, has said kind things about her, signaling that he will not stand in her way. So if that's any, sort of indication I think that bodes well for Sebelius." (
"It is unimaginable that a Catholic pro-lifer such as Sen. Brownback would support Sebelius' nomination to a post where she can advance her extremist abortion agenda on the national level. There is so much documentation of her ardent support of indicted late-term abortionist George Tiller that is hard to believe that the Senator from Kansas is simply ignorant of her record. We pray that Mr. Martin's information is in error," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
"We at Operation Rescue are urging our supporters to contact Sen. Brownback's office and ask for confirmation on this story," said Newman. "Our own calls to his office have been met with equivocation. We believe that the people have a right to know the truth on when the Senator stands."
Sebelius' nomination has been opposed by a growing number of pro-life groups for her associations with the radical arm of the abortion lobby and because of her cozy connections to late-term abortion abortionist George R. Tiller, who is scheduled for trial on 19 criminal charges of committing illegal abortions.
"As for Matthews' bigoted comments attacking our deep convictions that Sebelius is unfit to serve based on her close connections to numerous abortion scandals really tells us a lot about his basic lack of compassion for the weak and vulnerable," said Newman. "His obvious hatred for the cause of life makes him a pathetic person, and we pray for him."
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Michelle McIntyre said...

The man does introduce and sponsor some good pro-life legislation. But I hate to say it, Leticia: This is no surprise. Remember that when he backed out of the presidential race, there were still other sincere pro-life candidates in the race with a chance and he picked McCain who has too often worked for the other side.

catholicandgop said...

I'm very disappointed in Senator Brownback.

Anonymous said...

Leaders of some pro-life organizations are laying into long-time pro-life champion U.S. Senator Sam Brownback, R-Kansas, for issuing a statement congratulating Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius upon her nomination for Secretary of Health and Human Services. These criticism are misplaced, short-sighted, and ungrateful.

MISPLACED: By criticizing Brownback, these pro-life leaders are creating a side story concerning a fight between pro-lifers. Rather than focusing on attacking Sebelius, and making her the focus of the story, the story becomes instead pro-life activists v. Brownback.

SHORT-SIGHTED: The criticism is short-sighted for several reasons. First, Kathleen Sebelius WILL get confirmed, with or without Sen. Brownback’s vote. Democrats have 58 votes in the upper chamber. The HHS seat has been open for a long while, and is the last Obama cabinet slot to be filled. Democrats are not going to let this one fail.

Second, if it wasn’t Sebelius at HHS, we would get a different pro-abort at HHS - this is a pro-abort president and HHS affects numerous abortion-related issues. He has to placate his NARAL allies by putting a pro-abortion politician in the HHS slot. So then it’s just whether we’ll get this pro-abort or that pro-abort. And at least with this pro-abort, she is prevented from running for the open US Senate seat in Kansas. Brownback is following his term-limits pledge, thus creating an open seat in 2010. If Sebelius ran for it, she would be a very strong candidate, and probably the only Democrat who could win (and help continue to revive the Kansas Democratic Party). With her in the cabinet, the NRSC can sleep easier knowing that seat is much safer.

Third, pro-life leaders should want Sen. Brownback to do well back in Kansas. A healthy movement takes care of its own. He’s running for governor of Kansas in 2010. To oppose the popular incumbent governor’s nomination would hurt his standing among the people of Kansas. Pro-life leaders should accept the political necessity of a senator supporting a popular nominee from his home state.

Fourth, Sen. Brownback’s opposition to the nomination is not necessary to make Obama pay a political price for it. They can blast Sebelius, issue press releases, hold press conferences, set up websites, raise money, etc. just fine on this one. They can work with the pro-life members of the Senate Finance Committee to ask very tough questions during her nomination hearing before that Committee (a committee on which Brownback does not sit). There’s no reason they need to make Brownback an issue at all.

UNGRATEFUL: Sam Brownback has been a hero for the pro-life cause throughout his congressional career. He has made it his signature issue. To write him out of the movement over one vote that has already been lost is more than just silly, it is profoundly ungrateful for his many years of yeoman’s work on these issues.