Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pastoy Hoye writes for our support

Greetings Everyone
...My wife (Lori) and I have truly been blessed. We have received so many requests from God's dearest saints asking how they can help.The Body of Christ has risen and revealed the beating heart of Christ in them.
While I do not know what the future holds for Lori and I ...I do know the God who holds the future in the palm of His hand.
If the Lord says the same and He is leading you to get involved ...Below is a list of ways to help that will greatly benefit my wife and I at this time.

First, foremost and always pray, prayer changes things. I believe that the evil of abortion will and can only be overcome by "prayer and fasting" (Mark 9:29).

Please pray:
- For my wife (Lori).
- For my church (Progressive M.B.C. of Berkeley)
- That our trip to Washington D.C. will accomplish God's will.
- That our time in court will glorify God's name and reveal His Son in me.
- That the African-American community will heed God's call to step out of the darkness into His marvelous light.

Second, write Alameda County District Attorney Tom Orloff and ask that he open an investigation into my prosecution.Ask the D.A. to investigate the following:
- The possible prosecution of Jackie Barbic for perjury.
- Whether there was prosecutorial misconduct in charging me with using “force, threat of force, or physical obstruction” against clinic escorts without any evidence.
- Whether there was prosecutorial misconduct in continuing to prosecute me for those crimes in the face of mounting evidence that they were totally lacking in factual basis.
Here is how to contact the Alameda County District Attorney:

Tom Orloff
Alameda County District Attorney
1225 Fallon Street, Room
900Oakland, CA 94612
Telephone: (510) 272-6222
FAX: (510) 271-5157

Third, attend the "Re-Sentencing":
Time: 2:00 P.M.
Date: Friday, March 20th,2009
Court: Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse,
661 Washington Street,
Oakland, California 94607-3922
Courtroom: Department 109 on the fifth (5th) floor
Judge: The Honorable Stuart Hing is presiding

Fourth, spread the word to the Media near you.For information regarding my case please visit the following websites
Life Legal Defense Foundation:

God bless you.

My wife and I want to thank everyone.The love and support of the saints has been overwhelming.We are literally, being held up by the precious prayers of those that love God.

To God be the glory.
---Pastor Walter Hoye

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