Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Senator Kennedy has fatal brain tumor; pray for him

Teddy Kennedy is dying of brain cancer. It's time to pray for him, no matter how we feel about him.
Anyone who has read this blog knows I have serious differences with the Senator, because of his abandonment of the Culture of Life. He's one of those Catholic Senators who pretends that concern for the poor and the immigrant is enough to counterbalance what can only be described as a radical pro-death agenda. Still, because of his sister Rosemary's mental illness, Teddy, and the rest of the Kennedy Clan have taken on the cause of the mentally retarded, starting Best Buddies, and Ted's recent sponsorship of the Kennedy-Brownback Bill, which I have championed here. These acts of charity must not be overlooked.
Now is the time to change your mind about life issues, Senator Kennedy, since you are soon to meet Our Lord, the author of life.
I know that Cardinal O'Malley will take this opportunity to address this with him, could I ask my readers to pray that Teddy is open to repentance, and hopefully public renunciation of his pro-abortion views?
What a powerful witness this would be to fellow Catholic politicians still in bed with the Culture of Death. It might save his immortal soul.
It's not too late, Senator Kennedy, but it soon will be, turn back to your mother Rose's Catholic faith, before Our Lord says to you,
"depart from Me, you evildoer. . when there was an unwanted child in the womb, you helped her mother abort her. "
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