Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Defending the Dignity of the Unborn in Bioethics Circles

Last Friday, I attended Bioethics International's Conference hosted by Jennifer Miller in the UN Church Center. A panel of professionals responsible for the training of doctors in the various teaching hospitals in New York and Yale University as well as some of the leading policymakers in the UN Non-governmental Organizations were there.
Is is redundant to say that the Catholic Church was constantly under fire, and that the ideas of objective moral truth and the dignity of the human person, from the moment of conception was mocked?
Only two of the speakers defended these eternal truths, Jennifer of the Culture of Life Foundation (I'll write an entire post on her later) and Fr. Berg of the Westchester Institute who is an expert on Natural Law. Here is the latest column from the Westchester Institute, defending the dignity of the unborn baby.
I will be covering the Conference greater detail in subsequent posts. I was given a glimpse into the future not only of the USA, but the entire world, if Barack Obama is elected, and it terrified me. As a hint, take this fact; the first Western aid to reach Myramar was NOT food, water, or medicine; it was condoms.

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Anonymous said...

Good came from the conference, chiefly 1) atheists are dialoging over informal lunches for the next few weeks with well formed people of faith and 2) the Catholic side WAS purposefully represented whereas it normally would have been left out. It's a crawl before a hopeful walk. So glad you are sharing your experiences.