Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Charlotte Diocese to Offer Mass in the Extraordinary Form

The exponential growth of the Latin Mass around the world has been so gratifying. I know a homeschooling family who moved to Charlotte two years ago, and has been praying fervently for this.
Yesterday, Gabriela sand at the High Mass in Dix Hills, and after lunch, went to hear her teenagehomeschool friends sing at a Low Mass in Cutchogue. Later she told me, "I like the Latin Mass better, it's really more reverent."
Homeschoolers are leading the way back.

Mission Accomplished.
St Mary's Church in Baltic, Ct.


NCTradCatholic said...

So are still planning on leaving Long Gisland, or are you staying put now that the Mass is more available there (you damn Yankee)?

Joanne said...

Will Pentecost be a Missa
Cantata in
Dix Hills? I was on the road to CT to start bringing my son's things home from college on Sunday, and had to go to Mass on Saturday evening. I have to say, it's very hard for me to be at a Novus Ordo Mass anymore, as I agree with Gabriela.