Sunday, May 11, 2008

Archbishop Joseph Naumann warns Catholic Gov of Kansas NOT to receive communion

One by one, bishops are coming forward and publicly warning their COD (Culture of Death) Catholic politicians NOT to receive Holy Communion. Is this trend growing? Is a response to our Holy Father's meeting with the bishops?
I certainly hope so. I hope my pro-abortion Catholic Congressman Tim Bishop (D-NY) is next.

"We believe evidence exists that shows that Sebelius has strong personal and political ties to Tiller, and has used her political influence to cover up for crimes committed by Tiller and his associates in order to maintain the flow of abortion money into Kansas politics, thus furthering her own political career," commented Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. "It is because of her policies that three abortionists come to Kansas to commit the latest of late-term abortions from states that prohibit them. It is also because of her policies that women come to Kansas from all over the world for the latest of late-term abortions that are banned elsewhere. These people come to kill viable babies because they know as long as Sebelius is governor that Kansas laws prohibiting post-viability abortions will not be enforced."
She is a disgrace, not only as a Catholic but as a corrupt public official letting campaign money buy justice. Good thing Attorney General Phil Kline is on the case! He suffered loss of his statewide position in the election, thanks to Sibelius's dirty dealings, but hasn't let that dissuade him from his efforts to reveal the crimes of Planned Parenthood, which does illegal late term abortions, and protects the identitites of child molesters whose underage victims come forward for abortions.
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Burton said...

Catholics have the freedom to express the truth as they see it, but preaching the truth is not the same as coercing the truth.

Is it prudent for Catholic leaders and teachers to choose one issue above all others and approve without discrimination any person or law that labels itself pro and condemn any person or law that can be labeled anti?

Why not just simplify things and say, "Democrats are bad and Republicans are good? Catholics may not in good conscience vote for a Democrat or hold office as a Democrat!"

This seems to be far from the way Benedict XVI would teach and act. Benedict presents the Truth in a way that reveals its beauty and proportion and, as a good shepherd, he invites us to follow.

Personally I am against abortion because it is killing. I am also against killing in war and in capital punishment. Catholic teaching is very clear about these issues but it is not coercive.

If American Catholics really followed Catholic teaching they would have stood with the Pope and the U.S. Bishops rather than following President Bush into an unjust war.

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church has abandon any moral high ground it ever held. Any organization that claims to be doing the will of The Almighty and actively conspires to allow serial pedophiles to run free in society has no business telling anyone how to live. Remember this is a land where church and state are separate. All the politicians are doing is upholding the US and or state constitution as they are sworn to do. If the church had obeyed the laws of the land, had rendered unto Caesar, they would not be paying out billions in reparations to all the victims of their abuse.

Brian D said...

Anonymous needs to remain anonymous. The Catholic Church does not abandon moral high ground because a small percentage of its clergy violated children. The facts are that most of these act were homosexual in nature (homosexual acts being just fine with the current culture) and not pedophilia. And Kathleen Sebelius is not just exercising her duties as a public official; she is forcing her pro-abortion agenda onto this country. I’m glad her bishop has told her to refrain from Communion. She ought to leave the Church as her actions betray her so-called Catholic faith.