Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Chastity speaker Dawn Eden attacked in Ontario

That so called Catholic school students should act so rudely unfortunately doesn't shock me. I'm still surprised that those in charge of this school would have Dawn come to speak(Ontario Right to Life had help bring it about, God bless them, it must have been an uphill battle!). They've obviously been so lax in upholding any type of moral standards, perhaps they thought her talk would make up for that. Too little too late, unfortunatley for Ms. Eden, who has seen tough crowds, but was still shocked by the attitude of the students in these schools.
She rose to the occasion, however. You go girl!
Read the article here.
"Eden noted the general absence of a Catholic religious nature at some of the Ontario Catholic high schools she visited. She learned that in the Catholic schools, being state funded, as many as 25 per cent of the student body are non-Catholics. She was also told that of the Catholic students, "only a minority" attend Mass. "As a vice principal told me, they have a (well deserved) reputation for wearing the shortest skirts."
She also said, however, that despite the well-documented movement in Ontario's public Catholic schools away from the traditional Catholic devotional practices once normal in Catholic schools, some of the students themselves "had a strong devotional sense that was deeply touching," and that "surprised" even the school's staff. Eden's small supply of wooden cross necklaces and prayer cards were snapped up by the students.
She wrote, "The kids hear about sex all day from their peers who are putting forth the idea that everybody's doing it-a message that their schools' staff do not always attempt to dispel." She described as "exhilarating" that the work of "getting the students to see that not everybody was in fact doing it".
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