Monday, May 12, 2008

Pope Benedict on the 40th Anniversary of Humane Vitae

Pope Benedict said that the teachings of the Church don't change. He might have added, despite the best efforts of rebellious American clergy and laity.
"The teaching laid out in the 'Humanae vitae' encyclical isn't easy," Benedict said.
"What was true yesterday remains true even today. The truth expressed in 'Humanae vitae' doesn't change; on the contrary, in the light of new scientific discoveries, it is ever more up to date," the pope added."

This reminds me of a book I have been meaning to read, "Humanae Vitae Was Right" a collection of essays on why Pope Paul VI was prophetic in some of his predictions that contraception would lead to the degradation of women, and totalitarian governments imposing forced birth control (as in the one-child policy of China).
Thank you, Pope Paul for standing strong on this pivotal issue of our times. At a Catholic Conference Thursday, speaker Bud McFarland Sr. said, "contraception is a cancer which is eating away at the Church".
Even our Protestant brethren have discovered the truth of that document, and are returning to their roots; before the 1930 Lambeth Conference in the Episcopal Church, ALL Christian churches opposed contraception, even for married couples. Acceptance of contraception has only been around for 78 years, and we can see the resultant destruction of morality and the family. More abortion, more unwanted, abandoned children, more exploited women, and fewer intact families. Catholics who largely reject this teaching feel free to select which other Church dogmas to ignore and still receive communion. Even some clergy have given the OK to contraceptive use, under a false sense of compassion. More and more contraceptive devices are taken off the market as they prove harmful, even fatal to women, yet allowing their use is seen as compassionate. Unbelievable!
For a thorough explanation of the legacy of contraception, read a transcript of Dr. Janet E. Smith's talk, "Contraception, Why Not?".
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