Friday, May 02, 2008

Pope Benedict on the Lies of Sex Education

The modern pro-choice movement is the spawn of the "sexual revolution" of the 1960's, in which a few million angry college students abandoned traditional norms of decency and the marriage bond.
In its place they proposed a culture of what they termed "free love," which turned out to be a euphemism for unbridled lust; sex without responsibility or commitment. As the world has since seen, sex without responsibility is sex without love. The "free love" of these sexual revolutionaries turned out to be not so free at all, but rather was emotionally and physically destructive on a grand scale.
The sex education establishment denies all this. With typically modern schizophrenia, they aggressively advertise sexuality as a no-strings-attached recreational activity, while at the same time spending all of their time warning against the risks of this behavior. Having never known the wonder of committed, life-giving conjugal love, its adherents are passing on the only knowledge of sexuality that they do know: sex as a momentarily diverting activity with an alarming collection of risks.Consequently, says Benedict, sex is taught as risk management. The wonder and beauty of conjugal love is reduced to a series of don'ts: Don't get a sexually transmitted disease, don't get overly attached to your temporary "partner," and, above all, don't get pregnant.
This reminds me of Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the sex guru of the 80's, who said, "Swing from the chandelier, but remember, use birth control!"
Thank God for the Theology of the Body which is catching hold among young Catholic abstinence educators, particularly here at The Rise of the TOB blog. Young people want more than the lies of the 1960's which sadly, was often promoted by misled Catholic educators.
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