Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dr. Robert Scanlon; great Catholic OB-GYN

A while ago I posted on the dilemma of Catholic obstetricians; they are pressured to prescribe the Pill and perform abortions.If a baby is born with an anomaly, they are sued, so fewer and fewer are chosing this difficult yet noble profession.
My OB, Dr. Robert Scanlon of Huntington, NY is a true Catholic hero. His practice is 100% pro-life, AND he gives his time to helping needy women give birth. If any doctor deserves a thriving practice more than he, I haven't met him yet!
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Anonymous said...

Dr. Scanlon is a fine man and a very, very good OB-GYN. My wife and I have had several miscarriages. After seeing a number of "specialists" (all of whom refer to our lost children as "tissue" and promptly advocate IVF ... a route we refuse to go down) we turned to NaProtechnology and Dr. Scanlon. He identified two possible problems and we're ironing them out now and will try again in the next few months. God has given us a challenging road to walk (our losses) and we believe He sent Dr. Scanlon as our guide.