Thursday, May 22, 2008

"The New Manna" by Fr. John McCartney

On the East End of Long Island in the years 2000-2004, I had the privilege of attending a special First Friday Mass and Benediction for homeschoolers said by Fr. McCartney.
His homilies were always memorable; Fr. McCartney, though fresh from his ordination in 1999 had a knowledge of Catholic history, ardent love for Christ and the Church, and a gift for storytelling that made his homilies mesmerizing for adults and children alike.
I told him he should have his own show on EWTN, and I hope he does; read this for an example of his gift of making the most eternal of truths understandable, without diminishing their glory.
This is his first column in The Long Island Catholic, on the origins of the Feast of Corpus Christi which we celebrate this Sunday, and I hope it will be only one of many.
HT The Long Island Catholic
Here is my other post about Fr. McCartney, a Catholic hero.

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