Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sebelius and Tiller; partners in infanticide

You are known by the company you keep; Governor Kathleen Seblelius, is seen here socializing with notorious Tiller the Baby Killer.
Troy Newman(of Operation Rescue) says the event underscores the way in which Tiller has funded pro-abortion candidates, including Sebelius, giving them an opportunity for power in an otherwise pro-life state and elevating Sebelius to national prominence.
"Sebelius' office arrogantly believes that they can keep her strong ties to Tiller a secret, but their efforts to keep the truth from the public have only exposed their corruption," he said. "Sebelius would not be governor today if not for Tiller's financial support. She owes him her career."

Sebelius is reputably on the short list for VP on the Obama ticket, and like Obama, Seblelius has a history of supporting even heinous late term abortions. The only difference is, unlike Obama her 'pastor', Bishop Nauman, has reprimanded her, forbidding her from communion because of her deal with death.

Will late term abortionist Tiller be a frequent guest at White House functions?
It's up to us to prevent the Culture of Death from enveloping the White House.
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