Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kansas, Coercion, and Flying Monkeys

Governor Kathleen Sebelius' facade of concern for the human person grows ever more transparent. In April, she vetoed the Kansas legislature's broadly-supported Comprehensive Abortion Reform Act intended to protect mothers and children from coerced abortion. The intension of the bill was not to restrict abortion, but simply to ensure that existing laws were complied with; however, even this was too much for Sebelius, arguably the most aggressively anti-life governor in US history. Sebelius, who has funneled a fortune in campaign contributions to likeminded politicians on behalf of the abortion industry, thus demonstrates mind-boggling indifference toward her pregnant constituents and a near- sociopathic commitment to aborting children.

Time and again, through the appointment and manipulation of attorneys general (including Stephen Six, the latest of George Tiller's lapdogs), district attorneys, judges, law enforcement and criminal investigations, Kathleen Sebelius has helped abortionists circumvent Kansas law. Her public repudiation of Archbishop Joseph Naumann, of Catholic moral imperatives and the natural law have earned her rock star status among the leftwing of the Democratic Party, catapulting her to the top of its list of VP hopefuls.

Earlier this spring, legislation to protect women and children from coerced abortion became law in Idaho. It was resisted by Planned Parenthood who, along with other abortion operators and anti-life interests groups, is fiercely resisting similar legislation in other states. But thanks to the pernicious influence they exert through proxies like Kathleen Sebelius, abortionists in Kansas continue to prosper at the expense of vulnerable women.

Commentary by John Francis Borra, SFO

used with permission

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