Friday, May 02, 2008

I joined with Fr. Pavone in praying a Pentecost Novena

Holy Spirit,
At the dawn of creation,
You brought order out of chaos,
Light out of darkness,
Life out of nothingness.

Breathe on us once again,
And change this culture of death
Into a Culture of Life.
Inspire in your people
A spirit of generous welcome
For each and every life,
No matter how unexpected or dependent
That life may be.

Holy Spirit,
You are the Advocate.
As you fill us with Yourself,
Make us advocates
For the unborn and all the vulnerable,
Until we are all united

In the endless life and joy of the Father,
Son, and Holy Spirit,
One God,
forever and ever.

Just go here and tell him you're praying with him as well, for the Holy Spirit to bring about the Culture of Life in the world.

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