Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chinese Philharmonic plays at unprecedented Vatican concert

Pope Benedict has been working miracles of conversion lately. Cardinals standing strong against Catholic politicians, prominent Muslims converting, Rush Limbaugh deeply moved by US welcoming ceremony, and now this. The Chinese Philharmonic playing a Vatican concert. This makes you wonder who will be next to warm up to the Catholic Church? Pastor Hagee? (as a matter of fact YES! Here's his letter.)

Fox News Correspondent Fr. Jonathan Morris said "Before going on I must say, leaving all politics aside (a refreshing exercise), the music was brilliant. The orchestra’s execution of Mozart’s “Requiem” was flawless, at least to my untrained ear. Watching and listening to one hundred and fifty Chinese musicians interpret and sing explicitly religious and European music in the Vatican and in the presence of the strongest voice for global Christianity today could have made even the greatest of sceptics suspend judgment about the long term value of this event.
HT Spirit Daily

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