Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pope encourages pro-life activists

Pope Benedict XVI encouraged the pro-life movement in their work. Thanking them for their service to "the Church and society", the Holy Father said, "How many human lives have you saved from death! Continue along this path and do not be afraid, so that the smile of life may triumph on the lips of all children and their mothers".
What an elegant turn of phrase! As an English teacher, I have to admire the Holy Father's linguistic abilities. His adroit use of language keenly expresses his meaning without going over the heads of his audience. This is not an easy task. (And, YES, he writes his own speeches!)
Pope John Paul II in his encyclical, "Evangelium Vitae" coined the terms "Culture of Life" and "Culture of Death". I have heard President Bush use these terms and wonder if he knows where they came from.
The Catholic Church is truly infiltrating Amercian Culture. And it's our job to help it transform our culture, for our children's sake.
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