Friday, February 19, 2010

We're starting to make headway

When Dr Caplan of the University of Penn went to Ireland, he saw unusual faces. No, not just because they were Irish, but because Ireland doesn't do abortions, Dr Caplan saw children and adults with Down sydnrome. It struck him that he doesn't see them here in the US, or in Europe where the abortion rate tops 90%.
And he reflects that we are poorer for it. Well done.
As some families with a Down syndrome child have noted, fewer kids with Down may mean fewer public programs, fewer resources in schools and for housing and less political clout. If some genetic diseases begin to fade away, will society’s willingness to provide support for the diminishing numbers of those born with such diseases fade as well? And are we headed to a time when parents who choose not to be genetically tested find themselves condemned as morally irresponsible parents?

Bravo Sarah and Bristol Palin, for taking the vitriol you took for criticizing that vile episode of Family Guy which mocked your darling Trig. You started the discussion that gets the Ivy Leaguers thinking thoughts about where eugenic abortions are taking us as a society, yet I wonder; who was the ignorant one who needed education?
Read the entire column at MSNBC.

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