Thursday, February 18, 2010

Abortion clinics were Hitler's invention

Under Hitler's guidance, the Berlin Chamber of Physicians loosened the Nazis' abortion policy in 1933 so as to use abortion as a tool to exterminate nondesirables. It determined "the health of the mother – considered from all angles – is the decisive factor" for abortions.
 Its a dirty trick. Plant the idea of abortion as a solution to women's 'health' problems, put the clinic in neighborhoods where your target population is, and soon you have women convincing themselves to abort their children, thus lowering the populations of 'undesirables'. Did you think that we invented this?
No, but, thanks to Obama's budget, we'll be paying for it.
The above image will be on a billboard in Poland, where the Nazis first implememented this idea of an abortion clinic. It will be there for world Women's Day on March 8 when pro-aborts demonstrate for the 'right' to an abortion. How very foolish, to play into the hands of eugenicists, and call it 'reproductive freedom'.

Read Jill Stanek's column at World Net Daily.

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PattyinCT said...

Sick Leticia, just sick! It's been pointed out to me that Margaret Sanger and Adolf Hitler were both part of the same cult (Zionists I believe.) And that part of their ritual practice involved the slaughter of innocents for their blood to sacrificed to the gods. You don't get more innocent than an unborn child...You just don't...