Friday, February 19, 2010

Urgent Medical supplies delayed in Haiti due to condom glut

Tells you a lot about the UN's priorities when a warehouse which was meant to sort medical supplies was 70% full of condoms which prevented needed medical supplies from reaching desperate Haitians. Don't believe they are out to save lives, this is eugenics in action.

For cultures which value life, and family, the condom push into their cultures is highly offensive. Carol Ugochukwu, President of United Families of Africa in Enugu, Nigeria, commented in a 2000 interview noting that Western delegations at the United Nations were trying to "exterminate the whole race" with their promotion of condoms.
Ugochukwu expressed exasperation that Canada, the US and Europe wasted most of the time at UN conferences trying to gain approval for homosexuality while the needs of African women such as food, shelter, and clean drinking water were largely ignored. "[B]ig organizations," she said, "spend so much money, but when they find out you are dealing with all that [dying children and mothers] they are not interested. You have to say you are dealing with reproductive rights before you are given support."

Read the entire story at Life Site News.
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