Friday, February 05, 2010

Obama Administration's Harry Knox is an anti-Catholic bigot

Tonight on Hannity, American Papist blogger Thomas Peters discussed the scandal of Harry Knox, anti-Catholic who is on, of all things, the committee of Faith Based Initiatives. Typical radical Obama appointee.
In a recent press conference, a reporter asked him to retract his statement that "the Pope is hurting people in the name of Jesus" and he reiterated his bigotry. Even in the light of the evidence that condoms do NOT prevent the spread of HIV, he cannot overcome his bigotry, his vitriolic hatred of the Church.
Harry Knox is a homosexual activist and anti Cathholic bigot with a long track record of anti-Catholic activism. Knox once said of the Kof C " they are foot soldiers in the discredited army of oppression".

Tucker Carlson was right, he should be thrown out, and if Obama weren't so thick-headed, he would. Pat Buchanan said on Hannity's radio show today, that rather than calling for Knox's outsting, that the people should see what voting for Obama got them. Then make him a one term president.
Even Chris Matthews used that term tonight. Guess the thrill is gone, huh, Chris? Maybe he has enough Catholic soul buried deep down in him to feel the barb of the Knox bigotry.
Let's hope Catholic voters are listening.
The St Michael Society has a petition to kick Knox the bigot out of the Office of Faith Based Initiatives, where he is certainly up to no good.
Sign the petition to have Harry Knox removed from office for his anti-Catholic bigotry.

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What is that saying about "birds of a feather flocking together?"