Monday, February 01, 2010

Healthcare Bill considered slam dunk till Brown victory

According to Life News article here.the Congressional Budget Office was puting the finishing touches on the healthcare bill, which was considered a fait accompli until they were shocked by the Brown victory in MA. They are still trying to pass the bill by reconciliation, but Obama in the State of the Union seemed to wash his hands of the whole process.
Emily's List (proabortion PAC) is still reeling from the upset. Coakley was leading by 22 points in December, and when she began to fall behind, the group was the first to try and save the liberal's campaign.
But it was too late.
RIP healthcare (abortion, euthanasia) plan.
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Gan Ainm said...

Scott Brown over the weekend strongly reiterated his pro-"Choice" convictions, not that they were any sercret to the pro-life
activists who supported him because he was a Republican.

By moving away from one-issue-trumps-all politics, and openly supporting a pro-abortion candidate because of his party affiliation and stances on other issues, the Catholic right has done us all a favor by removing abortion as a divisive issue between Democratic and Republican Catholic partisans.

If the Catholic "right" ever criticizes the Catholic "left" again for inisting on the right of Cathlic voters to weigh a candidates supposed stand on abortion as only one issue in making a faithful decision (or, indeed, for criticizing a Catholic official for how makes a faithful decision on an issue arguably involving abortion rights, those criticized need henceforth answer with only two simple words: "Scott Brown".