Thursday, October 09, 2008

What we need is a moral bail out

This great post from Deacon Keith Fornier describes how the moral corruption led to economic collapse. All sin leads to ruin, and Wall Street is no exception; AIG big shots were on a multi-million dollar spa vacation in California the very week Congress gave them an expensive bail out package. According to the wisdom of Deacon Keith, it all comes down to the devaluing and com modification of the child.
When a society fails to recognize that persons are more important than things, when it loses sight of the primacy of the inviolable dignity of every single human person at every age, every stage and of every size, it soon devolves into a form of practical materialism, worshipping a new golden calf. It uses the language of human rights but has lost its true moral content. When there is no recognition of a preeminent right to life, there will soon be an erosion of the entire structure of human rights. Human rights do not exist in a vacuum; they are goods of the human person. This is why I absolutely insist that to be “Pro-Life” is NOT to be a political Partisan or a “single issue” voter. Rather, it is to be truly human and to recognize that there is a hierarchy of rights.
Read the entire column on Catholic Online.

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