Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Americans United challenging Tax Exempt Status of Catholic Church

To my fellow Catholics, Americans United is threatening to attack the tax exemption of our Church. In the early days of my own work as a Constitutional lawyer, my Catholicism was a problem for Rev. Barry Lynn. Because of me, and others like me, he was unable to convince folks that all Christian people with whom he disagreed over the Right to Life and a host of other issues were “fundamentalists”. He wanted to denigrate us all by assigning us to what he hoped to argue was a small segment of Protestant Christianity, the "fundamentalists', who were a threat to the Republic. He failed then and he must fail now.
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ann said...

And we need to challenge the title of their organization. I am an American and am not 'United' with them. Not at all, and I don't appreciate their implication that I am. These organizations need to title and address themselves for what they are and stop lying about their true purposes:

Planned Parenthood = Sex Without Consequence and Aborting Babies For Profit

Americans United = Athiests Against the Catholic Church

Let them unite in being forthright in their intentions by calling a spade, a spade.

M.B. WALKER, ESQ. said...

Let them take the tax-exemption. It will allow pastors to speak freely about which candidates support killing babies, and which ones are dedicated to protecting them.